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How to Navigate the Dissertation

On the left-hand side, you will notice a sidebar containing different choices, with its own scrollbar that operates independently of the text to the right. The headings on the sidebar of the home page contain the main chapter or section choices “original choices,” (Welcome, Introduction and Method, Cosmic Game, Kaleidoscope of Culture, etc.) which correspond with the different icons on the home page. These original choices are available on all the different sidebars.

As you pick a chapter to explore, the chapter’s name will be highlighted in a particular color and the sidebar will change to reflect the main sections of the chapter in the same color, along with the "original choices," which will stay in white. As you pick one of the main sections, the sidebar again will change, giving you the subsections under the main sections. After you finish one of these subsections, you can either click on the link at the bottom of the page telling you where to go next, or you can click on the chapter heading and you will go back to the main sections for that chapter and you can then select another section. You can also click on the blue links that are located at the beginning of the chapters and main sections, and they will take you to the desired area. There are also links at the very bottom of each page that take you to the different original choices.

The "Kaleidoscope of Culture" is a bit of an exception, since it contains six different chapters, thus there will be an additional level or two of sidebars. A site map is available to help you navigate, too. But, if you get lost, do not worry, because that is half the fun.

All of the images can be seen in a larger view by clicking on them, too. When you are done looking at the larger view of the image, simply close that window and you will be back where you were


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