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Hints on How to Read the Dissertation

This lengthy dissertation, which is much longer than a typical Pacifica dissertation, can be approached in parts or consumed in its entirety. Some of the parts provide a context, they set the stage so to speak. All of the so-called “excursions” are optional, as are the historical portions. They add texture and richness, but are tangential to the main ideas of this dissertation. To get an overview of each chapter, look at the links, which are located at the beginning of the different chapters and sections. They let you know what to expect in each section, and their titles often reflect the tone. Also, look at the pictures, since they tell the story, too. The beginning paragraphs of each chapter provide a broad overview of that chapter, and the lessons or reflections at the end of each chapter, will summarize the important play-related ideas contained in that chapter; if you find these interesting, you can read the chapter. The links also serve as an orienting device, to let you know what to expect as you read, allowing you to more easily get the sense of what is happening.

While you can begin anywhere you like, I would recommend starting with the "Prelude," [link to prelude] because it tells the whats, whys and wheres of the dissertation, and from there, you can go where you like, in any order you choose. “A Look at the Layout” of the dissertation is provided below so you can see what is where, so to speak. Although you can read the dissertation in any order you want, I have suggested a possible order in the "Organization of the Study" section of the "Introduction" chapter. By clicking on the instructional links at the end of each page, you can read the dissertation in this order. Feel free to disregard these links however, and read it your own way.

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