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Sceneplay for Mary Poppins

Behind the Scenes

  • The History of Mary Poppins

  • The Disney Magic

  • Meeting Bert


Archetypal Overview

  • Take One

  • Take Two—Another View

Ongoing Themes Excursions

  • Neoteny Excursion

  • Excursion into Liminality

  • A Trickster Tour

  • The Tricks of the Trade—Excursion into Mary’s Nonordinary Magic

  • Laughter Excursion


Scene-by-scene-play of Mary Poppins

Before the first words of the movie Mary Poppins are uttered, we already know a lot about what is happening.  Although it might escape conscious notice, there is a wealth of information in the opening credits.  Behind the credits, the scene is the twilight skies above  London, centering on Big Ben—perhaps a subtle allusion to the importance of time

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