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Ongoing Themes Excursions

Neoteny Excursion

  • Tale of Two Strategies

  • Mary Poppins’s Strategic Moves

  • Beware of Banking Education


Excursion into Liminality

  • Here We Go Again—Liminality Reiterated

  • Communitas—The Power of Connection

  • Turner’s Topic Mirrors the Turbulent Times

  • Liminality Plays Throughout Mary Poppins

  • The Creative Power of Chaotic Times

A Trickster Tour

  • Tricksters in a Nutshell

  • A Bit of Background on the Trickster

  • Mary Poppins—Disney’s Most Spectacular "Trickstar"

  • Bert as Hermes


The Tricks of the Trade—Excursion into Mary’s Nonordinary Magic

  • Welcome to Trance—The Nonordinary State

  • Welcome to My World—Rapport and Pacing

  • The Power of Confusion

  • Meandering Messages—Indirect Suggestion

  • Presto Chango—Changing Meaning Through Reframing

Laughter Excursion

  • Historical Perspectives

  • A Special Kind of Laughter

  • Laughter’s Liberatory Perspective

  • Laughter and Creativity

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