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My dissertation is an artistic theoretical bricolage using a combination of hermeneutics, heuristics and phenomenology in the form of essays and images presented as a web site. In this chapter, I will first provide a general flavor of the structure and method of the dissertation (an opening statement of sorts), and then proceed to explicate the various components of the above methods. I begin with the bricolage method, which is composed of other methods—hermeneutics, heuristics, and van den Bergian phenomenology. Next, excursions are presented into the methods that make up the bricolage method, which relate both to play and depth psychology. These sections are optional, and give greater depth and detail about the different methods. Finally, I proceed to look at the artistic method that I make use of, seeking to answer the following questions: What are the precedents for my artistic method? Why write essays? What is the relationship between depth psychology and culture, especially popular culture and movies in particular? And, finally, why is the Internet especially appropriate as a medium for my dissertation?


Extra Excursions into Underlying Methods

** Hermeneutics
** Heuristic Research

** Phenomenology

Artistic Method

** Artistic Dissertations
** Excursion Into Essay

** The Conversation between Depth Psychology and Culture

** Why The Web?

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