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Artistic Method

Referring to the hero’s adventure, Joseph Campbell noted: “Furthermore, we have not even to risk the adventure alone, because the heroes have gone before us” (Campbell, 1988, p. 123). Similarly, others have gone before me, both in writing artistic dissertations and in writing depth psychological essays about culture. In this section I will discuss previous artistic dissertations and then examine the elements that comprise my artistic method.

Artistic Dissertations

The Artistic Dissertation, as a depth psychological method, has been used previously by Montgomery (2002), Denney (2002), and Davin (2004), in a variety of ways, but all made a case for art as a depth psychological vehicle.


Excursion Into Essay

** A Few Facts About Fiction
** A Bit About Art

The Conversation Between Depth Psychology and Culture

** Art and the Origins of Depth Psychology
** The Cultural Conversation
** Movies as Depth Psychological Praxis


Why the Web?

** A Participatory Process
** Acoustic Ascendancy
** To and Fro
** Psyche’s Postmodern Mirror

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