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Which Way?

Now that we have glimpsed into the Mind of God, or the big “I” in the sky as it were, we will take a longer look by delving more deeply into Grof’s considerable conclusions. At times, as we go along, we will bounce back and forth between ancient wisdom and modern science and we will see that everything old is new again. So, to learn about cosmic play, first we will turn to modern science so we can get a feel for the “whole” thing, and then examine ancient wisdom, especially the Hindu notion of lila—the play of the gods. We will then explore the concept in general and then look into maya and the movies. Next, we will briefly contemplate the mechanics of creation, and contemplate the kaleidoscopic implications of divine control.

Divine Play is not an uncommon concept, and so we will explore its Western roots and then we will go East and delve into the ludic cosmologies of India in particular, and become timeless witnesses to the gods playing dice. We will then come back closer to the present and explore the eternally recurring eternal return, get a crash course on chaos and end up with Grof’s cartography of the psyche and the implications for the Psychology of the Future, and see how it all "plays out" in my own version of the Cosmic Game.


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