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Roadmap for the Rest of Our Kaleidoscopic Journey

As we turn the "Kaleidoscope of Culture" to consider the several cultural pieces, we will see different archetypal aspects highlighted, because various aspects of the pattern predominate in the different cultural pieces.  In our first turn of the kaleidoscope, play’s shadow will take center stage in the movie Chicago (Marshall, 2002), as we see the perils or pitfalls of play.  Our next turn will be Disneyland where we will mainly focus on or consider how imagination and reality interact, seeing the promise of play.  Disneyland spilled into two chapters: the first gives an orientation and overview of Disneyland, while the second chapter contains optional extra excursions concerning the subjects of antistructure, the art of the show, neoteny, utopia and nostalgia, as well as considering Disneyland as a child of the times and a look at its ancestry.  Our last turn of the "Kaleidoscope of Culture" will be the movie Mary Poppins (Stevenson, 1964), where play’s transformative aspects will be highlighted. 

In exploring each of the different cultural piece we will: 1) briefly consider the astrological aspects 2) set the stage of the times, both the time the cultural piece premiered and time it looks back to, 3) explore the cultural piece, and finally, 4) reflect on what the cultural piece shows us about play and its application to our lives.

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