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Interlude: Introduction

I knew that the kitchen sink would make it in here somehow, everything else has! The "Interlude" will reiterate Grof’s cartography, introduce Caillois’s categories of games and then combine the two. After that, we will take a brief look at kaleidoscopes, since kaleidoscopes are central to our theme. I will also share my ideas about astrology and how I came to add it into the dissertation. Lastly, we will look at the layout for the "Kaleidoscope of Culture" part, which will also let us know what to expect in the different chapters. Links to important resources are provided, including Victor Turner’s (1988) article which discusses play “Body Brain and Culture,” as well as Grof’s (2000a) Psychology of The Future chapter on astrology, because these two chapters essentially represent the alpha and the omega of my journey. Other links that are especially appropriate are included as well.


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