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Rebellious 60s Retrospective—
The Startling Sixties, A Dynamic Decade

You Say You Want a Revolution

  • You Say You Want a Revolution

  • Taking It to the Streets—A Very Violent Time

  • Civil Rights and Wrongs


Science and Technology Take Off

  • Space —The Final Frontier

  • Meet the Man Behind the Other Mouse

    • Doug’s Dream

    • Doug’s Daring Demonstration

  • Innovations, Discoveries, and New Views Illustrated 

That’s Entertainment?! –From Baring It All on Broadway to What TV showed

  • Broadway Au Natural

  • The Silver Screen—Sexier and Shadowier

  • Television’s Tamer Fare 


Disney Does it All

The 1960s were a busy decade for Disney, including innovations in animation in two and three-dimensions, as well as other areas.

Moving Music

  • Many Modes of Expression

  • Rock and Roll Reigns Supreme 


Sex, Drugs . . .

As previously mentioned, the advent of the birth control pill and its widespread availability enabled the Sexual Revolution to take off, and the view of sex in the 1960s was radically different than in previous decades, with the freer attitudes toward sex being reflected in the movies and clothing of the times.

Fads and Fashions From Funky to Just Plain Fun

Far-out fads included black lights, lava lamps, day-glo, and tie dye which visually portrayed psychedelic experience; lapel pins and bumper stickers expressed political views; while tarot, ouiji and astrology helped access the mysteries of the unseen world. Skateboarding becomes a craze 1965, started by surfers when the waves were not pumping.

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